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Back to school: Five lunchbox ideas the kids will love

Posted 15.09.2020

With the new academic year in full swing and parents returning to the office, it’s time to get ahead and start thinking about filling lunches to give the kids plenty of energy for a productive day.  

The school morning routine is always a busy time and the school lunchbox can often be a last-minute preparationso we’ve put together a week-long list of lunchbox ideas, which can all be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge.  


Sliced in half, these tasty Snack or Mini Pork Pies go well with a good portion of carrot sticks, tomatoes and cucumbers. Why not include a sweet treat of mixed berries and yoghurt for desert.  


Pack a hearty slice of Original Pork Pie with a combination of ham and cheese wraps and enjoy the last few minutes of lunch time with an apple or banana.  


These Branston Topped Pork Pies are perfect for the older kids who like something a little different for lunch. Why not pair with a homemade Beetroot, Cranberry and Chilli Chutney and finish with slices of orange and kiwi.  


Create your child’s own mini Ploughman’s lunch  Mini Pork Pies hard boiled eggs, slices of cheddar cheese and crackers, washed down with a bottle of water or fresh juice.  


These Snack Pork and Pickle Pies are a great lunchbox addition and are best served with a generous helping of tomato ketchup or crunchy coleslaw. Add melon and grapes for a sweet dessert.   

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You can buy our selection of pork pies from a range of Asda, Tesco and convenience shops around the UK. 

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