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Christmas with Pork Farms

Posted 07.12.2021

Christmas is the best time of year to get the family together and celebrate among the masses of festive food on the table. This year will be one to remember as families can finally get together and enjoy the Christmas season!

Spreading Christmas cheer

Lay the table and spread Christmas cheer this season by accompanying your pork favourites with seasonal sensations. Putting together a festive feast is the easiest way to please all the family.

Find out how to create the best Christmas platter for all the family, along with some of our Pork Farm favourites:

Pork Farms' Original Pork Pie

Christmas morning snacking

Try a very traditional approach to Christmas breakfast. Families in the midlands tend to have pork pies Christmas morning, usually paired with Bucks’ fizz and pickled onions.

Try your celebratory breakfast with our Melton Mowbray Medium Pork Pie or go meatless with the Porkless Pork Pie.

Pork Farms’ Porkless Pie

Make this Christmas one to remember

With Christmas just around the corner, celebrations are already in full swing to get the whole family together. However, if you are cooking the Christmas dinner keeping all those mouths happy whilst you prepare the feast can be challenging.

For a quick snack try the 4pk Mini Pork & Branston Topped Pies to curb those hungry appetites. They are also great for the little ones to keep entertained!

Pork Farms’ Branston Topped Pies

Does anybody fancy supper?

If you are having an early Christmas dinner, it’s best to stock up on the snacks for afters. Try our traditional pork pies with a twist, these 2pk Snack Pork & Pickle Pies are filled with a hint of pickle and a delicious pork filling

In addition to your pork pies, brew up a winter storm and make some mulled wine for the adults with this alcoholic mulled wine, and some non-alcoholic mulled wine for the non-drinkers.

Pork Farms’ 2pk Snack Pork & Pickle Pies

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You can buy our selection of pork pies from a range of Asda, Tesco and convenience shops around the UK.

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