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We think there are fewer things in life better than a pork pie – and fortunately, we are not alone. The ultimate comfort food, whether to satisfy a quick snack, a lunch with all the trimmings, a picnic surprise or an on-the-go lunchbox staple, our range of pork pies suit every taste and appetite because we know that when a pie is done right, there is nothing finer.

For the pork pie connoisseurs amongst us, we have three delicious recipes to choose from.

Our signature Original – Ken Parr’s recipe using 100% British pork, seasoned flavorful jelly and hot water crust pastry baked in a straight sided hoop for a consistent shape and as with all our pies, the signature jelly is inserted after cooking to keep the pies moist and delicious.

Our iconic Melton Mowbray – which must be produced within the protected geographical region around Leicestershire market town and be true to the original recipe which uses 100% chopped British pork, hot water crust pastry and baked free-standing without a hoop to give it that lovely bow-sided shape. The deliciously seasoned jelly is inserted after baking to produce what can only be described as the pie of pies.

Our Branston Topped pies offer a real taste explosion for those wanting something a little bit different. These delicious Original pork pies are topped with the nation’s favourite condiment – classic Branston pickle. Try something different.

Pork farms category