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Posted 01.02.2021

One morning in 1931, master-baker Ken Parr opened the doors of his very first pie shop in NottinghamshireHis secret blend of succulent local pork, delicious seasoning and handmade hot water crust pastry made his pie shop the talk of the town.  

Ken’s legacy was passed down to create one of the UK’s favourite pork pie brands, now known as Pork Farms. His original recipe inspires our range of traditional pork pies, over 40 million of which are sold throughout the country every year. Our expert bakers use 100% British pork to produce our award-winning pies, from the iconic Melton Mowbray to our mini snacking pies.   

We think Ken would be very proud of how far his little pie shop has come and as we prepare to celebrate our 90th birthday, we are exceptionally proud of our heritage and history. If like us you have a big birthday coming up, or fancy just finding out a bit more about your background, here are some ways that you can explore your heritage and celebrate your roots.

It’s in your DNA  

  • Looking at your family tree is a great place to start. Ask older relatives and family friends about your ancestorswhere they lived and what they did. They might even have some old photos, passed down through the generations
  • Use a family tree website like to explore your history – they have more than 24 billion records and 100 million family trees to help you discover your connections and even reconnect with relatives around the globe 
  • Dig deeper into your heritage with a DNA test to get a detailed picture of where your DNA comes from – 23andMe uses your DNA to create a comprehensive report of your ancestry composition, going back hundreds, and even thousands of years

Heritage photo album

Flavours of your heritage  

  • Celebrate your heritage by cooking traditional meals from your culture. You could even ask your family members if there are any special recipes that have been passed down through the years, just like Ken Parr 
  • Commemorate your country or county  if you’re looking for inspiration, why not try these homemade mushy peas, a traditional Yorkshire classic that pairs perfectly with our original pork pie for true British heritage flavours. A popular side dish in the north of Englandmushy peas rose to the height of popularity in the 1970s and remain a British staple today 
  • This perfect ploughman’s lunch is another British classic, it is really simple to make so you can involve all the family. Its humble beginnings can be traced back centuries, when farmers would take this meal out with them to plough the fields of the English countryside 

Pork Farms picnic

Heritage heroes  

  • You can connect to your history by celebrating musical icons from your culture. Use YouTube or Spotify to find artists – we loved discovering what Ken Parr might have been humming along to when he was baking his pies in the 1930s 
  • Try a virtual tour of the National Gallery to explore the painters who captured your culture on canvas 
  • Learn about modern heroes in your culture – our personal favourite is Captain Tom who raised nearly £40 million for the NHS by walking laps of his garden at the grand old age of 100. Now that’s a heritage to be proud of! 

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