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Historic Pork pies perfect for British Pie Week

Posted 03.03.2022

With British Pie Week just around the corner – starting on 7th March – can you name a better way to celebrate this year than by filling your boots with the most traditionally British snack?

Pork pies are one of the nation’s favourite fillings so make sure it’s part of your British Pie Week celebrations this year.

British flag

The history behind the pie

No one loves pies more than the British – historically pies were heavily meat and gravy-filled however, as time has developed so has the array of pies. Pies have gone from savoury to sweet, from hot and cold.

Although we share the love for any pastry snack, our go-to pie is the Original Pork Pie. Historically the original pork pie was created with preservation in mind, meaning your tasty pastry will stay fresh for even longer. To this day our delicious pastry wrapped snacks stand the test of time.

Once our pies became one of the most popular pastry snacks, pie varieties hit the sky. One of Britain’s most famous pies and one that is too irresistible to miss is the Melton Mowbray Medium Pork Pie. Famous for its Leicestershire origin, the distinctive bow shape which makes it stand out in the pie crowd.

Original Pork Pie

The modern pie made for all

As the revolution of the pork pie developed, the need for a tastier explosion of flavours was required. If you enjoy your pies meat-free than we’ve got you covered with the Porkless Pork Pie. A great twist on the traditional, this innovative meat alternative is packed with pea protein and the same great taste, to make anybody’s mouth water.

To give your pie even more flavour, here of some of the best historical pairings to go beside your pie this British Pie Week:

  • Although delicious Homemade Onion Gravy may seem strange to have alongside your chilled pork pie, it’s said to be one of the best!
  • If you’re not a fan of mixing your hot and cold, try Homemade Chutney. With many flavoursome varieties, it’s the perfect combination to mix and match with your amazing pastry goods. Try out our Original 4pk Mini Pork Pies and dip each miniature in different chutney flavours.
  • Try pushing the boat out with one of the strangest combinations yet, Traditional Mushy Peas. If you want to explore even further add some mint sauce to really get your tastebuds tingling.

Mini Pork Pies

Pie all the different flavours

Fancy hosting your own British Pie Week party, then we’ve got your back with some great twists on the historic pork pie. A great crowd pleaser is the 4pk Mini Pork & Branston Topped Pies, mixing the perfect British pork pies with a historic British pickle favourite Branston Pickle – what’s more to love?

Another terrific addition and perfect for all week celebrations is the 6pk Mini Pork Pies. Create mini pie winners by adding your own pairings. From the historic Midlands traditions of bucks fizz to craft beers, making your own traditions will be sure to go down in history this British Pie Week.

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You can buy our selection of pork pies from a range of Asda, Tesco and convenience shops around the UK.

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