We all love great British landmarks like Stonehenge and the majestic white cliffs of Dover, well Pork Farms set out to find Britain’s favourite hidden gems – those special places that you love to visit again and again that may be unknown to others.

We worked with tourist boards up and down the country, and after hundreds of submissions by the great British people, the results were whittled down to the top five.

Now, Britain’s top three favourite hidden gems have been selected:

From the North East- Druridge Bay Country Park:

Druridge Bay Country Park, submitted by Kathryn Hipkins, comprises three miles of beautiful beach and sand dunes, plus a large freshwater lake surrounded by woods and meadows. 

From the South East- Pitstone Windmill:

Remaining a staple favourite for British tourists, this iconic windmill is over 300 years’ old and is tucked away in a beautiful part of the British countryside, the Chilterns. 

Finally, from the East Midlands- The Great Ridge:

One of the famous ridge walks of the Peak District, Great Ridge separates the beautiful Hope and Edale valleys and offers spectacular views of Kinder Scout and the Derwent Moors. 

For more details on all our fantastic hidden gem submissions visit our Visiting page.

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