The great Pop Up Parties tour returns!

After two years and ten well-deserved winning parties, we are back to hail the everyday community heroes of the UK.

We are ready to start our quest to find the unsung heroes of your local community, those who truly deserve to be rewarded for their acts of kindness – but we need your help!

Does one special person or community group you know go out of their way to put others first? No matter whether your local hero is part of an organisation, an at home do gooder or  staple figures in the wider community, we want to hear exactly why they deserve an exclusive Pop Up Party, in honour of their kindness and in some cases, bravery.

We’ve had the pleasure of receiving some fantastic nominations over the years. From young carers, to community groups giving up their time to better a local cause, to life savers and staff who take great pride in their role at some of the country’s biggest organisations. No good deed is too big or too small, so if you have someone or a group of people in mind that deserves a Pop Up Party, complete with food, drink, entertainment and a gathering of their closest friends, then nominate them today!

There’s no better way to say thank you, than with an exclusive Pop Up Party!


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