The Pork Farms  Pop Up Parties 2016, celebrates every day heroes and five deserving people from all corners of the UK received their very own surprise party, courtesy of Pork Farms.

Take a look at the highlight video from all five of the 2016 Pork Farms Pop Up Parties below:

At Pork Farms we believe that unplanned occasions with family and friends are always the ones that create the most special memories and we wanted to surprise our everyday heroes across the UK with their very own Pop Up Party – complete with their family, friends and colleagues right at the very heart of the celebrations, creating a brand new unplanned occasion to remember for years to come.

They didn’t have to have raised a fortune for their charity or run a marathon, we simply wanted to say thank you for the small things that make a difference as well. Whether they are always on hand to do the shopping for elderly neighbours? Or they were a young person who makes a difference by helping out in their community? Whatever the reason, big or small, your lovely and well-deserved nominations came through in their hundreds!  

For our winners we rolled out the buffet table, found the emergency chairs and laid out a spread with Pork Farms pork pies, bubbly, balloons, music and more.

The Pop Up Parties Tour ran from July 4th-8th where winners were treated to a Pork Farms spread and other party delights for all to enjoy. To check out all of this year’s winners, click here!

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