Welcome to our nominees page! Here we showcase all our fantastic nominations submitted by those who want to see their special person or group win a surprise Pop Up Party later this year.

Have a browse through some of our deserving nominations and keep an eye on the heroes who you want to see win, because our nationwide vote will be opening in the next few months, so watch this space!

Know a person or group that deserves to be hailed on this page as a nominee? Click here to nominate:


Elaine and Gary High

Elaine High and Gary High run the Taylor High Memorial Fund in Lowestoft. The charity was set up after Taylor (their son) was tragically killed in a car accident. The […]

Cirencester Deer Park School

Cirencester Deer Park School – Young Carer Group has a number of young carers within the group and they deserve to have a special pop up party. Cirencester’s young carers […]

Jo Lester

Jo Lester has worked tirelessly to set up a production kitchen from almost nothing to supplying over 22,000 meals for the local school this year. The project was initiated to […]

Natalie Taylor

Natalie exemplifies a level of commitment to our pupils, staff, the parent/carers that can serve as an example for others. Natalie clearly recognizes the impact and need the Hub has […]

Linda Finn

Linda has been a dedicated community activist for the last 40 years on the Beechwood estate, Prenton. Formerly the Ford estate, the area saw drug addiction through heroin bring the […]

Mr Paul Fryer

Mr Fryer has been volunteering at our school for 20 years. He goes on all our trips, residentials, helps out with swimming and supports the children in the classrooms. The […]

John Simpson

John is an inspiration to everyone he meets, no matter what hat he’s wearing! For the last 30 years, around Christmas, its usually a Santa hat as he is Father […]

Hopeman Gala Committee

I think the team go above and beyond what they can give, they take time of work to provide their time to the gala and get little opportunity to be […]


Claire is 1st Keith Brownie leader and I’m nominating her because she is amazing with the young girls. Claire offers opportunities, encouragement and promotes independence to each young girl in […]

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