Board Games Championships 2017

Pork Farms has taken one of Britain’s favourite pastimes, the traditional board game and turned it into a championship event.

This was the second year of the contest, which has seen board game enthusiasts from all over the country compete to be crowned the UK’s National Board Games Champion.

Pork Farms created the championship in partnership with the Micropub Association and this year more than 70 micropubs and hundreds of players took part.

Kent micropub, One Inn the Wood acted as the final battle ground for the last leg of this year’s contest, where players put their gaming skills to the test over five games including Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Jenga during National Board Games Week.

Harry Rush, who represented the Admiral’s Arm micropub in Queensborough, came out with the highest score, with second place awarded to Patrick James from the Penny Farthing micropub in Crayford and third place to Adam Miller from One Inn The Wood micropub in Kent.

New champion Harry, said: “To be named National Board Games Champion of 2017, it’s like a dream come true! I’ve had a great time getting here, playing the heats with my friends and practicing all the way to becoming a finalist.”

Michael Holton, brand marketing manager at Pork Farms said: “As a company we really want to celebrate the best of British and bring people and communities together, what better way than some friendly competition over the nation’s favourite board games. The championship has been a huge success for the second year running, proving to be a real highlight of the spring and summer calendar.”

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