Pop Up Parties 2016

The Pork Farms Pop Up Parties 2016 celebrated every day heroes and five deserving people from all corners of the UK received their very own Pork Farms’ surprise party surrounded by friends and family.

After asking the nation to vote for their community heroes, we narrowed it down to 25 regional finalists.  Five lucky winners were then surprised with their very own Pork Farms Pop Up Party where we secretly set up a buffet spread, chairs, tables and of course the obligatory party games!

The parties ran from July 4th-8th in a weeklong tour that incorporated a Pork Farms sampling van, allowing party-goers to taste top-line products whilst enjoying their celebrations too – after all, a party isn’t a party without a Pork Farms pork pie!

From canal side locations to a back garden in Devon, a cricket club in Spalding and a community centre in St Helens we were proud to honour our five well-deserving winners and look forward to doing the same again in 2017!

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