Chutney Lovers Rejoice – Autumn is Here!

12th September 2016

French cuisine Onion confiture, jam with lemon and piece of cheese on stone tableAt this time of year fruit trees are laden with tart and tangy fruit, which are perfect for making into homemade chutney.

A delicious accompaniment to our classic pork pies, why not take advantage of the season’s glut of apples and plums and put your culinary skills to the test?

Easier to make than you might think, here are some of our favourite chutney flavours and if this all seems like too much hard work, then our Branston Pickle topped pie or pork and pickle pie come complete with lashings of chutney to make life easy!

Apple & Chilli – Apple is a classic pork accompaniment and chilli gives an extra kick
Caramelised Onion – A great all-rounder, sweet with a tempting tang
Spiced Plum & Ginger – Warming and fragrant, a winner with all cold meats.

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