Gamers rejoice! Board Games Championships are back!

19th January 2017

Here at Pork Farms, we are thrilled to announce the exciting launch of Board Games Championships 2017 after its huge success last year.

2016 saw us take a traditional British pastime and turn it into a nationwide contest hosted at micropubs up and down the country. Our lovely friends at the Micropub Association were fully on-board with the championship concept as it fit perfectly with their ‘back-to-basics’ ethos of encouraging good conversation, fine speciality ales and no technology in its venues – a fantastic setting for board game enthusiasts!

The championships, which saw keen gamers battle it out all the way to the grand final in Kent, gave us the chance to meet some of the UK’s most interesting characters along the way.
One finalist in particular, Nigel Watson, owner of the Anchored in Worthing, graced the grand final with pints of charisma and big bites of enthusiasm. Here we have Nigel’s colourful account of the entire championships, and why even more micropubs should sample a taste of his unforgettable experience this year:

“Oh joy of joys! How great it was to open an e-mail from Pork Farms letting me know that the Board Games Championships are back for 2017! Look out micropubs, I’m out for revenge!

“So what’s in it for me as a micropub owner? Simple really! It is a great way to get your regulars together and while away a few hours playing board games. This may well already happen in your micropub but the competitive edge adds a little bit extra. It can bring together some of your daytime and evening regulars who may never normally meet up – which saw unlikely friendships cemented here at Anchored in Worthing last year.Board Games Championships 2016 - The Finals!

“The 2016 finals were held at the wonderful One Inn the Wood micropub in the leafy outer suburbs of London and we, the finalists, were put up in a very nice hotel overnight. After taking full advantage of a filling hotel breakfast we were whisked by fast cars to the grand final venue (OK they weren’t that fast but you get the idea!).

“On arrival, more coffee for me and fine ales for some finalists before the serious board gaming began in earnest. I hadn’t realised quite how competitive I was about the games, nor how competitive the other finalists were as well. We played for a couple of hours before breaking for lunch where lots of Pork Farms pork pies and more fine ale were on offer. I was feeling confident of a victory at this stage!

“The afternoon session got underway and I think the tasty beer must have got to me as I really didn’t do quite as well in this session. OK, I admit I was rubbish. However, I must have pulled something out of the bag as during the winners announcement, I was quite surprised and honoured to hear I’d come in third! I was awarded a fine trophy, which now adorns one of my bookshelves, a handsome certificate which hangs on the wall and a large handmade Pork Farms pork pie trophy which lasted just a few moments back at Anchored in Worthing, where it was enjoyed by all!Gamers - 2016 championships

“So folks, I urge you to get involved, it is a fun day out at the finals, I made some fantastic new friends and Pork Farms even gave us some beer tokens to use on the day.

“My customers are chaffing at the bit to get involved in the 2017 games. Make sure yours are too!”

Need we say more? Board Games Championships 2017 registration is NOW OPEN for micropubs to sign up and get their customers involved in what is set to be an even bigger and better contest!

The championship heats will take place as participating micropubs up and down the country from Sunday, February 26th to Sunday, 26th March 2017, culminating in the reveal of the finalists that will attend the grand final during National Board Games Week May 8th-14th.

For more information and how to sign-up to this year’s championships simply click on the following link:

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