Pop Up Parties to Take its Second Tour!

28th January 2015

This summer, we will celebrate Britain’s unsung heroes with the launch of round two of the successful Pork Farm’s Pop Up Party campaign.

The nationwide campaign aims to rejoice in Britain’s everyday community heroes after a successful Pop Up Party tour in 2015.

The Pop Up Parties campaign is once again embracing the unplanned occasion, suggested by nearly two thirds of UK adults as being the best way to celebrate a significant event or get together with loved ones. In recognition of those moments of kindness or selfless acts, people are being encouraged to nominate someone special by uploading a photo to a website with a description of the person they are nominating, and a reason as to why they feel they deserve a Pop Up Party.

Last year saw five lucky winners from across the UK enjoy their surprise Pop Up Party, including nine-year-old Louis Jonson from Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton, who was nominated by his mum, Teresa Johnson to acknowledge his charity work efforts:

Teresa said: “Louis’ charity work began during his Nan’s illness and he visited Compton Hospice regularly before she passed away. When he was surprised with the Pop Up Party it was exactly at the right time and we all thought he truly deserved it.

“His charity work has come on even stronger since last year’s surprise party, he’s quite the entrepreneur and even received a Blue Peter badge for his work. The party was a perfect, thank you, and hopefully a way to get others to join in this year’s competition. If it can get more kids to do what Louis does it would be great because it’s a great way to raise awareness.”

Head of Markets for Pork Farms, Kim Burgess said: “It’s great to give something back to our consumers and what better way than an outdoor party with all your party favourites?

“We are proud to bring a Iittle bit of happiness to people’s lives with the idea of recognising everyday heroes, those people who bring everyone around them so much joy.  We want to reward them with an outdoor pop up party with our own traditional British food. All you have to do is nominate that special person and we’ll do the rest!”

The winning parties will be visited in their local area as part of a weeklong tour around the UK from July 4-8, 2016 and each will receive a full party layout completely free.

The Pork Farms Pop Up Party competition can be entered here and completing the nomination form. Subject to terms and conditions.

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