The Countdown Begins… Pork Farms’ Hidden Gems soon to be revealed

19th October 2016

Along with the great British people, we have been on a grand discovery to uncover the nation’s hidden gems. From beautiful British national parks, to a small corner of someone’s personal scenic treasure, the exploration of Britain’s hidden gems sure unearthed some wanderlust inspiration.

Working with tourist boards up and down the country, and Britain’s adventure seekers themselves, we were able to unearth some of Britain’s lesser well known tourist hot spots. From hundreds of submissions nationwide, the results were whittled down to the top five and the big reveal of Britain’s top three Hidden Gems is to be announced soon!

Having supported the campaign from the beginning, TV Favorite and host of A Place in the Sun, Laura Hamilton said: “This campaign was a fantastic way to get people out and about this summer and it doesn’t need to stop there. Everyone loves a vacation but why not indulge in a British staycation or just a family day out and explore the hidden gems that are, in some cases, right on your doorstep.”

Using all the entries we received, we’ve created our very own Hidden Gems Checklist and downloadable information packs so you can go forth into the wilderness and keep on exploring! So, lace up those walking boots, grab your gloves and enjoy what Britain truly has to offer. Whether it’s great British landmarks that take your fancy, medieval gothic abbeys, or simply the breathtaking views of the British countryside, we have them covered in our checklist.

Until then, watch this space for the BIG REVEAL of Britain’s top three hidden gems.

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