Who ate all the pies? WE DID!

6th March 2017

Happy British Pie Week!

Our favourite week of the year has arrived, British Pie Week, and to celebrate we reveal just how popular the pork pie is and exactly how much us Brits spend on the staple food!
British Pie Week is the highlight of our year, a time where master pie-makers come together and pay homage to the traditional British pie, we could even go as far to say that pies are indeed a British institution!

However, we pie lovers and producers wouldn’t be here without the long-standing love affair the UK has with the delicious pork pie and we have the figures to prove it!
We can now reveal that Brits spend a whopping £163.3m on pork pies each year – It seems the ‘pies’ really are the limit!

With 75% of Brits eating a pie once a month, let’s break this down to discover who holds the crown for eating a pie at least once a week:

• Down South, just 8%
• Up north, it’s 11%
• Creeping up the chart is the Midlands and Wales at 20%
• Stand aside; our friends across the pond own the title with Northern Ireland at 33%!

Now we know that the time-honoured pie remains firmly in the affections of the nation, let’s lighten the mood with a few fun facts to enjoy this British Pie Week:

• The ancient Egyptians are thought to have been the first to make pies from a pastry of oats and a honey filling

• Pies used to be illegal, in 1644 Oliver Cromwell banned pies as he decided it was a “pagan form of pleasure”

• There’s a world famous pie eating contest at Harry’s Bar in Wigan

• Gentry used to eat the meat of the pie and the crusts were given to servants or to the poor

• The expression “To eat humble pie” was literally a pie. “Umble” pie was ate by servants and made with offal, particularly deer innards.

Whatever pie you pick up this British Pie Week, savour that pastry as it crumbles, indulge in the delicious filling and fly the flag for pie lovers everywhere! Rule Britannia!

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