Serve up a pork pie in time for Wimbledon

10th July 2017

From one British tradition to another, we’ll be swapping strawberries and cream for a classic pork pie as our courtside snack for this year’s Wimbledon tournament.

As well as the perfect picnic destination upon Henman Hill (or Murray Mount as it’s been called in recent years) we’ll be rooting for our own players over the next two weeks of fierce but fantastic matches.

The fortnight of play, which runs July 3rd – 16th will see the likes of Federer and Britain’s very own Andy Murray go head to head against some of the world’s highest seeded players. We’ll be watching in anticipation with a succulent pork pie to satisfy those hunger pangs.

To celebrate this annual event here are some Wimbledon fun facts:

– Every year, over 54,000 tennis balls are used across the two-week tournament
– With Pimm’s being the favourite tipple of the championships, Wimbledon sees over 320,000 glasses of the drink being served every year
– On average, over 140,000 portions of strawberries are sold to the hungry visitors at Wimbledon each year
– 290 million tennis balls can fit into centre court with the roof closed
– The longest match on record played at Wimbledon lasted 11 hours and 5 minutes over the course of 3 days

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"You know where you are with a Pork Farms pie"
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