A Wonderful Winter Warmer

12th December 2016

We like to think our pork pies are a delightful treat to be enjoyed all year round but did you know they are the perfect heartwarming option during the winter months?

Usually enjoyed cold with servings of chutney, Piccalilli or sauces, we now see a rejuvenation of the traditional pork pie; we give you the hot pork pie!

In a surprising twist this summer during our sampling roadshows and conversations with you, our lovely customers, we have found that many of you have secretly been enjoying our pork pies, hot. Though it may be obvious to many, perhaps strange to a few, we thought this was certainly worth a try.

Perhaps it’s a question of a good old north south divide, but we have found that whilst many people in the north are accustom to this delicious warm treat, many in the south have not yet experienced our wonderful hot pie delight.

To be enjoyed after a brisk winter’s walk or snuggled around the fire with family and friends, indulging in a warm pork pie is the perfect way to restore you on a cold winter’s day.

Pork Farms brand marketing manager, Michael Holton said: “Over the summer we were somewhat surprised by the amount of people who asked us to warm our pork pies up. Although we have tried this before, we were pleasantly surprised by our customer’s positive reaction, as we don’t promote it as a hot pie. This has now encouraged the Pork Farms team to get thinking about exciting new products and different ways to enjoy our delicious pork pies.

“Until then, we wanted to make sure our customers were enjoying their pies to the fullest especially over the cold winter months, inspiring those who have not tried our pies hot, to give it a go.”

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy served with a steaming helping of mash and peas or simply pair it up with your favourite brown sauce. Whether this is a different eating habit for you or a regular occurrence, we are certain that whether you are from the north or south, our pork pies will be the perfect comfort food for you this winter season.


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"You know where you are with a Pork Farms pie"
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