Our Heritage

Way back in the 1940s, local Nottingham lad Ken Parr had a vision. Having taken out a loan for the premises (some things never change!), he opened his very first bakery. Now the hard part began. But thankfully, Ken had a natural talent. His reputation grew and grew until he became famous for his pork pies. His recipe, with signature dark and crispy pastry, is one that Pork Farms is still renowned for today. It’s a baking legacy that sees our Master Piemakers continue to produce the same high-quality, award-winning pies. And they seem to go down well – over 40 million are distributed throughout the country each year!

Over 40 million pies are distributed throughout the country each year

Baked Exactly, Enjoyed Freely

When a pork pie is done right, there are few things finer. We make ours with prime cuts of juicy British pork and combine it with just the right amount of seasoning. Then we encase it in a delicious hot water crust pastry and bake to perfection. It provides the unique flavour of a Pork Farms pork pie: something we’ve mastered over 80 years – a taste that’s rarely forgotten.

You also know where you are with Pork Farms. Our pies are traditional, reliable, 100% satisfying and yet incredibly moreish. With food this good, there’s never a bad time to indulge, so how do you eat Britain’s favourite branded pork pie?

A filling snack to keep hunger at bay? Lunch on-the-go or at your desk? Shared with family and friends? Or devoured all to yourself? However you enjoy your Pork Farms pork pie, you’re guaranteed to relish the occasion.

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