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Did you know we make many different pork pies?

Melton Mowbray

With these delicious pork pies we use 100% chopped British pork, together with pepper seasoning, wrapped in richly textured pastry. They’re baked free-standing without moulds, which leads to their ‘bow’ sides. Finally, jelly is inserted through the crimped lids after cooking has turned the pastry a rich, golden brown colour. Did you know that only pork pies produced in the area around the Leicestershire market town of Melton Mowbray can use the famous name? It ensures both authenticity and consistency of the taste. We wouldn’t have it any other way! 


Our Original pork pie is made with the perfect balance of seasoned 100% British pork, surrounded in jelly and encased in a delicious hot water crust pastry. Baked in straight moulds for a consistent shape, this is our signature pie; one we’re proud to put our name to. For something different try heating your pie – it’s a truly wonderful eating experience.


For our Classic pork pie we use British ham which gives the meat its pink colour. After mixing with seasoning the pies are baked in moulded ‘hoops’ to give them their constant rounded appearance. Similar to our Original pork pie, jelly is added once the pastry turns a crispy brown.


As well as Melton Mowbray, Original and Classic pork pies, have you tried our delicious new Topped range? Our innovative chefs are always looking for ways to enhance your enjoyment. These Topped pork pies are made using our Original, but, as the name suggests, topped with an added layer of flavour, delicious!

"You know where you are with a Pork Farms pie"
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