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Activities to enjoy for the last bank holiday of the year

Posted 27.08.2021

As UK travel is back and in full swing and the last bank holiday of the year on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to visit a new destination and experience an exciting trip out.

From museums and beaches to wild and wacky events, we have put together a list of places to explore this weekend and, of course, some savoury snacks to enjoy on the way.

Rewind time

The UK has incredible history, full of tantalising tales and incredible adventures. Why not visit one of the many museums and bring a scrumptious packed lunch? Here are some of the must-see museums in the UK.

Bank Holiday activities at Eden Camp Museum, Malton

Image credit: Eden Camp

Fall in love with the seaside

After a year of staying indoors, there’s no better feeling than feeling the sand in-between your toes and sea air on your face. The UK is known for its fantastic beaches, some which may not be too far from your front door.

A wild and wacky weekend

Do something different this bank holiday and explore one of the UK’s wackiest summer bank holiday events. Let your hair down and go wild while snacking on some delicious treats.

Enjoy a Pork Farms Pork and Pickle Pie during your bank holiday activities

Wall’s and Pork Farms pork pies photoshoot, May 2020. Pork and pickle pie.

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