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St george’s day: the perfect british snack

Posted 22.04.2020

St George’s Day (23 April) is England’s national day and a feast day in memory of our patron St George. So, what better way to celebrate then with a classic British snack – a pork pie.  

Pork Farms has been producing pork pies for over 80 years and we have a selection of delicious pies, which are tasty, convenient fridge-staples for some of our favourite feelgood meals – whether it’s a pork pie with mushy peas or a Melton Mowbray with pickle.  


Celebrate in style with a classic British pork pie and your favourite side dish or accompaniment for a quick lunch or dinner  a pickle, sauce or relish is the perfecpairing to a Pork Farms pork pie.  


Enjoy light snack with your family or loved ones with these mini pork pies, they’re easy and affordable alternatives to preparing a homemade lunch from scratch.   

Let us know your favourite pork pie combination by joining the conversation on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! 

You can buy our selection of pork pies from Asda, Tesco and convenience shops around the UK. 

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