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The History Behind Pork Farms

Posted 15.11.2021

Have you ever wondered where it all began? Since 1931 we have been making the most mouth-watering pork pies on the market. The rich history behind Pork Farms is as succulent as our pork pies.  

The past behind the pastry  

In 1931 our famous-master baker, Ken Parr set up the first pie shop in Nottingham. Ken took out a loan to set up his bakery and developed the perfect pork pie recipe. Still used today, his secret blend of 100% British pork with delicious herbs and spices is known as the best pork pie in town. Ken was revered as a legendary producer and distributor who has passed down his legacy to our original pork pie recipe today.  

We are immensely proud of our roots and since the beginning of Pork Farms we have used 100% British pork which has strived the success of our inspirational pies, perfect for snacking and sharing. 

British Flags

From farm to fork 

Developing Ken Parr’s legacy further, we became the pork pie connoisseurs and created a selection of signature recipes. 

From Ken Parr himself, the recipe uses 100% British pork, with seasoned favoured jelly and a hot water crust. For consistent shape the pie is cooked in a straight sided hoop. To ensure our pies stay moist and delicious from bakery to plate, the jelly is inserted after cooking. We also make this in large, snack, and mini sizes for a scalable taste sensation. 

Pork Farms’ Original Pork Pie

Staying true to our original recipe which also uses 100% British pork, our Melton Mowbray pork pie is baked free-standing to give it the iconic bow-sided shape. This pie is so iconic that it can only be produced within the protected geographical region surrounding Leicestershire market town – the champagne of pies!  

Pork Farms’ Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

Our original pie in disguise topped with a tasty explosion for those wanting extra flavour on their plate- classic Branston pickle. This adds an extra dimension to our pies and encourages pork pie lovers to think outside the pig! 

Pork Farm’s Branston Topped Pies

Pie in the sky  

From the creation of all our classic pies we have since produced countless of spin offs, selling over 40 million per year along with our recommended perfect pie pairings. From Porkless Pork PiesPork and Pickle Pie to our inspirational accompaniments 

We are extremely proud of our history at Pork Farms and our 100% British pork meat. Hopefully, our history is a rich as our pies! 

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