Josh Panes

Josh had a massive bleed on his brain when he was only 9 days old. He was given a 10% chance of survival. He spent 8 weeks in hospital.

At 6weeks old he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and had to have a shut fitted to his brain, he was also blind until he was 10 months old.

Josh’s vision is fantastic now, he only has to wear glasses for close up work, and we were told he also had cerebral palsy.

Josh has been through loads of operations, we also got told he would never walk or talk.

Josh was then diagnosed with epilepsy at 4 months, and he was put on very strong medication.

Last June he went for yet another big operation to have his whole leg straightened. From his knee to his foot. They also stretched his muscles, tendons ligaments and hamstring. He can now walk with crutches around the house and talk, Josh is now coming up for 13.

For all that he’s been through he has never complained or moaned or cry with pain. I’m so proud to say he’s my son. Josh can talk, but not fully. He is our miracle boy.

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