Lukas Neill

I am nominating my amazing son for the way he has behaved and coped in the past year. His grandparents live with us and he is always helping them. Last April just after midnight I was awoken by my mum screaming in pain as I rushed in I found Lukas, only 10 at the time looking after his nan.

What has followed in the last year has been very hard I have been looking after my mum as she fought a tough battle against a rare cancer of the thyroid gland. Lukas has been understanding that we could not have a holiday and has helped in any way that he can. In January this year we were once again woken by my poorly mum who it turned out had developed sepsis! My mum is awaiting news on a much needed gallbladder operation, still has not had the all clear from the cancer and now has a shadow on her adrenal gland.

Lukas has been wonderful and supportive and understands that we will not have a break this year. I have now become ill with slipped disc’s in my back and am signed off work so money is now tight, I would love my kind, generous boy to have a treat.

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